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Carolina Custom Boards was founded in 2021 by RJ Burke, a South Carolina native with over 20 years of experience in the marine manufacturing industry. RJ began working in the industry at the age of 16. He has been involved in the start up of several companies where he was able to help with the manufacturing process from the ground up. As he learned and grew within these companies he began to fuel his passion for design and engineering. His vast experience in composite manufacturing and his love for the water and outdoors led him to take the leap in founding Carolina Custom Boards. With this background he realized he had the ability to redesign the manufacturing process for Stand Up Paddle Boards and be able to offer fully customizable boards to fit each individual customer. With the SUP industry rapidly growing throughout the world, it is still difficult to find them here in the midlands of South Carolina.  

RJ prides himself on his hard work ethic and believes that honesty, loyalty and determination will get you anywhere in life. He is a model husband and father who consistently relies on his sound moral compass for all of life’s decisions.  He has an adventurous outlook towards life while simultaneously finding happiness rooted deeply within his family and friends. He is the happiest when completely unplugged (no Wifi required) and connected to nature.

Carolina Custom Boards looks to provide industry leading, high quality paddle boards with unique manufacturing processes that allows for lighter and stronger boards.

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