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Current model: Pisces

10’ 6” x 36” x 7’ @248 Liters

Board Color

Gel Coat colors are endless. We currently offer solid gel coat colors that can cover your entire board or you can choose a two toned look with one color for the top and another for the bottom. You can choose your own unique color and shade during our consultation. 

Traction Pad

Your traction pad also has a variety of colors, textures and patterns to choose from. You can also create your very own pattern to put into your pad that will make it uniquely yours. View your options by clicking here. 


With our current board offerings you can choose between white or black for your hardware. Our current hardware includes a LifSUP handle, leash receiver, dry box,  fin boxes and bungee tie downs. You can choose your placement of your bungee tie downs to be in the front or back of your board and also the amount and location for your fin boxes. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation where you can see the colors in person and feel the textures. Please note that colors can vary based on your monitor screen.